Welcoming Our Summer Interns to the Dd Team

author: Emily Jacobi
date: 2010-07-26 20:31:13+00:00
slug: welcoming-our-summer-interns-to-the-dd-team
title: Welcoming Our Summer Interns to the Dd Team
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This summer we’ve had two new faces around the office and we couldn’t be more pleased. Arielle & Ellen have been helping with communications and our Haiti work, and as the city – and our schedule – has continued to heat up, it’s been a huge help to have them around the office. We’ve also been in touch with last summer’s interns, Shane Levy and Huge Ma, both of whom are continuing to do great work. Shane graduated this spring from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in Urban Studies and Communications and Rhetoric. Partly inspired by his work at our office, he’s looking for a job in the public sector. Huge, a senior at University of Pennsylvania, is interning in India with Video Volunteers.

imageArielle Darr is a rising junior at Occidental College in Los Angeles, California, where she’s working on her BA in Global Media and Entertainment. When I met Arielle, I was very impressed by the clear passion she feels for global issues. Synthesizing her interests in global studies, media, technology and entertainment, she created her own major that explores the social, political and cultural impacts of new media and entertainment on society from a global and digital perspective. Through an interdisciplinary approach, she works to apply concepts from many different fields to her research and examine how new media and entertainment mediate social issues and natural disasters worldwide. Currently, Arielle is the Communications Director of her college newspaper, The Occidental Weekly. During the school year, she has a weekly radio show called Free Beats, in which she plays music from various websites that she has legally downloaded for free. After each show, listeners can visit her blog for links to each song played to easily download the music they hear. At Dd, she’s helping with our communications from email and Facebook to event planning and office management.

imageEllen Knuti is a global traveler with a passion for photography and social movements. Born and raised in Chicago, she’s a recent New York transplant who is fluent in Spanish, French and Wolof. After graduating from Wesleyan University with a degree in Letters, Ellen relocated to Buenos Aires where she worked as a photographer for The Argentina Independent. She’s currently working on organizing images from the photography workshop during Digital Democracy’s April trip to Haiti. Inspired by the photos taken by the Haitian women, she’s working to create an exhibit and book to showcase them. She also writes for Design Bureau magazine and works as a freelance photographer.

Huge thanks to Ellen & Arielle for all their great work this summer!