Peace Mapping team arrives in Kenya

author: Liz Hodes
date: 2010-07-16 20:22:42+00:00
slug: peace-mapping-team-arrives-in-kenya
title: Peace Mapping team arrives in Kenya
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It’s been a thrilling two weeks for our Peace Mapping Kenya team. On Sunday, the three team members arrived in Nairobi to launch the program, called Sisi ni Amani which means "We are Peace" in Kiswahili. Prior to their departure, Project Director Rachel Brown and Project Manager Cody Valdes spent several days with us in our New York office as we did final preparations and coordination for the initial launch of their project in Kenya this month. Combining innovative new techniques with mapping tools and peace-building workshops, the project seeks to amplify the efforts of peace actors within Kenya and connect previously disconnected groups.

Siimagence arriving in Nairobi this week, Rachel and Cody, along with Media Manager Tegan Bukowski, have spent time with the local tech community at iHub Nairobi and met with groups in preparation for the first element of the project: leading digital photography workshops with youth in Kibera later this month. This series of workshops, centered around themes of peace, is based on Digital Democracy’s Project Einstein photography training curriculum, and will allow Kenyan youth to document what they believe represents, promotes, and maintains peace in their communities, and will then share their photographs with their peers and with their communities through public exhibitions. Check out the amazing work they’re up to! Visit their website for frequent updates, photos and more.