We’ve updated our website!

The new Digital Democracy website has been a long time coming! When checking my notes I realized discussions began in 2021, starting with organizing our thoughts on what we wanted the website to do and a renewed focus to fill in the gaps for our growing audiences. 

With the redesign we wanted to continue to share the importance of our partner’s work through case studies and storytelling. On our landing page we worked to better communicate our impact and its global scale, with more prompts to support our work and the work of our partners and an expanded list of our flagship tools. You’ll find more emphasis on the impact of environmental and land rights and how they are entwined with human rights and on the Contact us page, we included more avenues to connect with the team directly online through various Discord channels. 

Our team has grown quite a bit and over the months has amassed a collection of photos from retreats, workshops, and events that I showcased on Our Team page. Digital Democracy developers not only work on our flagship applications and platforms but also tinker and experiment with other open source tools as well. Now we can share a growing list of them on Our Tools page. And there are many avenues throughout to learn about Our Mission, Donate, and Get Involved. We have a new home for our case studies on Our Work where we share stories of our partners and their impact. You can also see a visualization of our history on our interactive Story Map.

Finally, we moved from static pages to Webflow, whose CMS and on-the-page editing capabilities offer a more accessible way to make edits, in order to empower the broader team, outside of tech members, to make more timely content updates on their own.

As always there are more updates to come like more on the story of our founding, a new Mapeo website presence and more. It is a large undertaking to attempt to reflect all the work we do as an organization but we are hoping these updates get us a bit closer!