Join us Wednesday – Livestream with Haitian Women

author: Emily Jacobi
date: 2010-07-26 21:11:54+00:00
slug: join-us-wednesday-livestream-with-haitian-women
title: Join us Wednesday – Livestream with Haitian Women
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I’m in Port-au-Prince, Haiti for the next week to follow-up on the great trip Abby Goldberg and I took this spring. I began my trip distributing cameras for the Life In A Day project – the first user-generated feature film. I’ve also been distributing photos from our workshop in April and I ferried some films from NY for the awesome folks at FilmAid to show in the camps.


But most importantly, I’m meeting with some of the amazing grassroots women’s groups who are working to combat gender-based violence in the camps. Their stories are sometimes harrowing and often inspiring, and I don’t just want to speak with them myself – I want you to speak with them too.

On Wednesday, Digital Democracy is hosting an event at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program. Come join us for a livestream discussion with Haitian women, music, drinks and more.

Get your ticket today to attend the event and support our work with Haitian women.