We Won a $5000 FACT Social Justice Award!

author: Morgan
date: 2009-05-29 22:42:05+00:00
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title: We Won a $5000 FACT Social Justice Award!
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It came as a total surprise, but along with 4 other unsuspecting projects, we won a special $5000 FACT Social Justice Award on Wednesday at the awesome Netsquared Conference.

About FACT: “The French American Charitable Trust (FACT) is committed to addressing the fundamental inequalities and injustices in our society by helping develop and sustain networks of community-based groups in the U.S. and France that educate, organize, and empower people to actively participate in developing public policies that directly affect their lives._“

We had a lot of fun during the conference promoting, tweeting and implementing on the ground actions to get the word out about our project…


One part of the conference that the team really enjoyed was a special invite-only event after the conference to meet and jam with other projects on how we could best collaborate in the future.  We had some great brainstorming sessions with the other projects and look forward to continuing our relationships with them past the conference.

In addition, we were interviewed by Netsquared about Handheld Human Rights, including what kind of change we’d like to see from the implementation of the project, and the help and resources needed for its success. Check out the video.

Here’s to a big, big THANK YOU to all the folks who voted, re-tweeted and said hello to us at the conference.  Rock on!

What might our collaborations look like in the future?