4 Reasons to Vote For Handheld Human Rights at Netsquared

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title: 4 Reasons to Vote For Handheld Human Rights at Netsquared
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Mark just asked folks at NetSquared to vote for our project. Here’s why you should vote for us.

"Handheld Human Rights – We’re a secure hub for groups around Burma’s borders documenting human rights abuses.  We will provide an Emergency Community Response – a community 911 where 911 doesn’t exist.

Here’s 4 reasons to vote for us:

  1. We’ll have support networks on the ground for activists.
    We have localized portals on the ground around Burma’s border that provide train-the-trainer workshops and secure two-way communication between activists.

  2. We’ll be giving back to our communities.
    Our partners get educated on programming languages and our model is replicable across sectors and countries. Think human rights, public health, and economic development in countries like Zimbabwe, Darfur and Columbia.

  3. We’re partnered with the right networks.
    Aside from working with numerous transnational advocacy networks, we have partnershipswith amazing projects like InSTEDD, RapidSMS, Guardian, and Ushahidi.  We’re building on preexisting technologies-not reinventing the wheel, but making the existing wheel stronger_.

  4. Our future looks good.
    We see an early warning response system with social/technical analytics to prevent human rights abuses.  Technology to challenge a repressive regime, a virtual civil society for a peaceful and sustainable future.

Please vote for us Handheld Human Rights – It’s in your hands.