Occupy & Dd in Fast Company

author: Biz Ghormley
date: 2012-02-14
slug: occupy-dd-in-fast-company
title: Occupy & Dd in Fast Company
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The concept of "small-d democracy" is at the foundation of our work at Digital Democracy. Fast Company’s March 2012 issue features Dd in solidarity with¬†other innovators who have helped elevate, amplify and fortify the Occupy Movement.image

This fall, Dd challenged the claim that "the Occupy Movement doesn’t know what it wants" by building a polling system on the¬†open source All Our Ideas platform to ask them to speak for themselves. After collecting 96,586 votes on 40 original ideas and 30 user-generated ideas to answer which ideas they liked better, the top two¬†choices are "the stripping of corporate personhood" and "to spend more money on education than on the military."

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It’s an honor to share pages with¬†Malik Rahsaan¬†of¬†Occupy the Hood,¬†_Andy Dao and Ivan Cash¬†of¬†Occupy George,¬†_Jan Wampler¬†of¬†MIT,¬†_Isaac Wilder¬†of¬†Free Network Foundation,¬†_Joan Donovan¬†of¬†Interoccupy,¬†_Benjamin Phillips¬†of¬†Occupy Oakland,¬†_and¬†Shen Tong.