Filming Worldwide for Life in a Day

author: Liz Hodes
date: 2010-07-28 16:02:22+00:00
slug: life-in-a-day
title: Filming Worldwide for Life in a Day
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If you filmed all around the world on the same day, what would it look like?

This past Saturday we were honored to be a part of "Life in a Day", a project to create the first user-generated documentary. Presented by Google, Producer Ridley Scott, and Director Kevin McDonald, this project asked people around the world to film their lives on one day, Saturday July 24, 2010. What kind of stories were they looking for? Stories of the everyday, answering questions such as, what makes you happy? What’s in your pocket? What do you fear?

Project partner Against All Odds Productions contacted us to help connect them  to communities that do not have access to the technologies necessary to film their lives. We sent video cameras to staff members, Emma Hulse in Guatemala, Rachel Brown, Cody Valdes and Tegan Bukowski in Nairobi, Gabe Hopkins in Thailand and partner Ketie Danelia in Georgia, enabling them to film the communities they’re living in and working with. In addition, Co-Director Emily Jacobi took video cameras with her to Port Au Prince Haiti, to film with women leaders working there. Importantly these communities are able to keep these cameras that were sent, and continue to film their lives.

Please see some of the pictures from their shoots: