Seeking Super Nominees

author: Biz Ghormley
date: 2011-06-07 14:12:15+00:00
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title: Seeking Super Nominees
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NOW SEEKING: Curiosity, passion, experience. We are building our first Board of Directors and eager to hear who you think the best candidates are. The board will be a collaborative partner of Dd,  actively involved in strategy, working with us to define the cutting-edge of how technology is used to help further human rights and empower communities, and helping us maintain agility and be financially sustainable.

We also welcome nominations for new Advisors – experts excited to share their insights and advice to make Dd’s programs as effective as possible. The first term of our current Advisory Board is ending and some advisory positions are now open.

ABOUT OUR INAUGURAL BOARD OF DIRECTORS: As we transition from operating with a fiscal sponsor to independent 501(c)3 status we are building a board of five to seven directors who are passionate about our work in the most marginalized communities, and who are ready to help us grow and work effectively.

What are we looking for? Nominees who:

  • Are dedicated to Dd’s mission

  • Believe in harnessing technology to further human rights and civic participation globally

  • Bring experience that can serve Dd’s needs as we grow

  • Are interested in learning from our research, expertise, and future work around digital tools and human rights

  • Have expertise in (at least one): business, finance, legal, technology, non-profit management, fundraising, international development.

What will it take? Responsibilities for the two-year term, with opportunity for reappointment, will include:

  • Participating in an annual retreat for board members

  • Attending a total of three quarterly video conference board meetings

  • Personal meaningful annual financial donations to Dd (the amount to be set individually with the Executive Director)

  • Helping Dd raise funds through donations, endorsements and introductions

  • Willingness to advise and vote on strategic issues


  • Review a half-page overview of our history and Director qualifications on our short Scribd document.

  • Nominate yourself or someone else by completing the form below.

Want to support Dd, but not as a Director or Advisor?Drop Biz a line, anyway. She will contact you to schedule a conversation and explore next steps. Thank you!