See you in Texas… Come hear Dd at SXSWi

author: Biz Ghormley
date: 2012-03-09
slug: see-you-in-texas-come-hear-dd-at-sxswi
title: See you in Texas… Come hear Dd at SXSWi
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We are excited to have both our co-founders on stage in Austin this week, participating in Tech4Good panels at SXSWi. If you’ll be at SXSWi, please come by and join the conversation.

Tuesday, March 13, at 3:30 in the AT&T conference center, come hear Emily Jacobi on the "Women Drive Change: Tech in the Global South" panel (#femtech is the hashtag) along with Catherine Harrington of the Women’s Learning Partnership, Jenn Sramek of Civic Actions, Ashoka Fellow Kara Andrade from Vozz (who has partnered with Dd on work in Guatemala) and Zawadi Nyong’o of the Africa Cancer Foundation.


They will be discussing how, from Africa to South America to Southeast Asia, women in the Global South are using technology tools in new and creative ways with astounding results. Sophisticated and coordinated social media campaigns are becoming the domain of women all over the world.

The speakers will talk about what this means for women in the Global South, how their online personas might differ from real-world personas in societies where women have fewer rights, and where technology tools need to go next in order to meet their specific needs.

Mark Belinsky will also be speaking. His panel, "How Not to Die: Using Tech in a Dictatorship" is on Monday, March 12 at 9 am in Room 9ABC. Mark will be presenting alongside Brian Conley of Small World News, Deanna Zandt of Techbologist and Sabrina Hersi Issa of Be Bold Media, discussing how technologies often built in the west are being used around the world in extremely dangerous situations. They’ll discuss how people have protected themselves around the globe, including concrete experiences and examples from Burma, Tibet, Liberia and Egypt.

See you in Austin.