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author: Biz Ghormley
date: 2012-11-12
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title: Redefine what’s possible with Dd
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Today we’re launching a campaign to share our partners’ stories, bring your voice into the conversation & work together to redefine possibility.

Our partners tell us collaboration with Dd has made things possible that they once considered impossible. 


Things like: 

For the rest of the year you’ll hear directly from Dd partners about the POSSIBILITY you help us create. Join the Conversation: Send us your thoughts & questions via Google+Facebook or #DdPossible on Twitter.

Hear directly from our partners in Haiti in this video.

Check out the photos of our celebration of #DdPossible & 4 years of Digital Democracy from New York in November.

Make it possible: Help Dd continue to work with communities by making an investment in Dd today.


Your tax-deductible contribution will make an immediate and profound impact. 

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