Introducing our Board of Directors

author: Biz Ghormley
date: 2012-07-30
slug: "introducing-our-board-of-directors"
title: Introducing our Board of Directors
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Off the coattails of our recent Board Retreat and Meeting in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, we want to take a moment to officially introduce the three members of the Digital Democracy (Dd) inaugural Board of Directors: Michael Gaouette (Chair), Janet Harris & Vince Warren.

They have expertise in peace-keeping, international development and humanitarian work, human rights law, non-profit management. And, to the governance process they bring passion for what Dd can achieve as a nimble, lean organization using technology to catalyze change. Learn more about Michael, Janet and Vince here.


Our board building began when Dd was granted 501(c)3 status in September, 2011, starting our path separate from the Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy (IMTD), the organization who incubated us as a fiscal sponsor and helped us build an idea at our launch in 2008 to an independent tax exempt organization ourselves, ready to stand alone. Being designated under the 501(c)3 tax status is no small endeavor, especially for tech-oriented non-profit organizations, and the process of building governance standards and setting the tone for how the board will direct Dd has been a fascinating process, in no small part thanks to the effort of our Directors.

These three founding Directors will not stand alone on the board, though.The board is currently seeking nominations for interested and eligible candidates to join them in the coming year.

Please read more about what the role entails here and nominate candidates here.

Please read more about what the role entails here and nominate candidates here.