The treasure of a family photograph

author: Emily Jacobi
date: 2009-07-24 18:37:53+00:00
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title: The treasure of a family photograph
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Portrait of Mohammed Salam and his family

Do you remember your first family photograph?

Refugee families, forced to flee their homes often with little more than the clothes on their backs, are rarely able to take family photos with them. For young people born inside refugee camps, they may never have seen a photo of their family.

Last year we worked on a photo project with eleven refugee youth in a camp for Burmese refugees in Bangladesh. Most of the youth, ages 10-12, were born in the camp, and have never seen their homeland. Using digital cameras, they used basic photography, chose themes to document, and took their first family photos. At the end of a week-long workshop, we asked them what they wanted to call the project. They brainstormed and decided upon Project Einstein. Why?
"Because Einstein was a refugee but could still do great things."
Now we need your help to complete this project. Working with the images the young photographers chose,  we published Project Einstein Bangladesh, an 80-page book of their photographs. Next month, we’re returning to the Bangladesh-Burma border, and we’d like to bring each young photographer a copy for them and their families to treasure.

The photographers of Project Einstein Bangladesh

Now through July 29, we’re asking supporters to take advantage of a special deal, and purchase a book for yourself and a book for one of the young photographers, at a reduced rate of $55 (includes all shipping costs). Email to place an order.

If you can’t place an order by July 29, order your own copy of the book online at any time.