Thanks to all who made Little Brother a success

author: Emily Jacobi
date: 2009-12-21 17:02:57+00:00
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title: Thanks to all who made Little Brother a success
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Huge thanks to the 58 backers who helped us reach and exceed our goal for our Little Brother vs. Big Brother campaign. Thanks to their support, we’ll be translating Cory Doctorow‘s Little Brother into four Burmese languages.little_brother-4x3b

We used Kickstarter to run the campaign and we’re extremely happy with the results. Kickstarter is a funding platform that includes rewards for people who back the project, a way to send frequent updates, and an all-or-nothing deadline that encourages people to contribute in order to guarantee a project’s success.

We are so grateful to our backers! Thanks for making the project a success.

$5.00 and up — A shoutout on Twitter & in a thank you blog post & an invite to Digital Democracy’s Birthday Party

Sam Gregory, Charles Lenchner, Heather, Jason Kende, Chrysm Watson Ross, Pete Young, Yancey Strickler, Cristina Moon, Enigma Images, Liz Wall, Martha Jackson, Frank G, Matthew Murphy, Kyle B. Doeden, Jaroslav Valuch, Lara Shortridge, Eunah Choi, David Manheim, Mary Robinette and Patricia Chou.

$25.00 and up — A thank you in the Digital Democracy January newsletter + all of the above

Noel Hidalgo, Sarah Ann Ran, Martin Sutherland, Scott Andrews, Gregg Butensky, Timo Rossi, Ashley Mui and Elizabeth Stucki.

$50.00 and up— Stickers for Digital Democracy Sticker & the All Burma IT Student Union + all of the above

Joe Beshenkovsky, Christine Martin, Alex Shepard, Robert Soden, Carl Rigney, Dietrich Ayala, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Julia Posteraro, Allan Beatty and Kevin Riggle.

$100.00 and up — A copy of the book + all of the above

Jonathan Berger, Ben Babcock, David Cross, Stefan Jones, Brad Weikel, Eric Cooper, the publisher Tor Books and the book’s author, Cory Doctorow.

$250.00 — A video conference call with the Burmese activists/translators + all of the above

Nathan and Laura Arico.