“On the NetSquared blog: Reaching people where they are”

author: Emily Jacobi
date: 2009-06-30 04:07:19+00:00
slug: on-the-netsquared-blog-reaching-people-where-they-are
title: "On the NetSquared blog: Reaching people where they are"
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NetSquared’s Alex Steed interviewed D2’s co-director Emily Jacobi last week about D2’s experiences representing Handheld Human Rights at N2Y4. He also took the opportunity to ask Emily and John Zoltner of DatAgro about why both of our projects use SMS despite the current fascination about smartphones.

For us, choosing a technology platform is all about reaching people where they are. Read more on Alex’s post on Developing SMS Infrastructue in a shiny-new-thing world.

By the way, check out Alex’s liveblogging from Personal Democracy Forum – June 29-30.