News From San Francisco

author: Liz Hodes
date: 2008-12-08 14:18:38+00:00
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title: News From San Francisco
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After returning from Africa in early November, and spending several weeks in New York and D.C. presenting our research from the past 2 years, we headed to San Francisco. San Francisco is the hub for the world’s largest technology companies. It is also home to a number of younger companies, who are working along with those more well-established, specifically with emerging technologies.

We’ve spent the past month in San Francisco meeting with a variety of people who have welcomed the opportunity to share their extensive knowledge, as well as connecting us with groups doing similar work in the field. We’ve been given some amazing advice for the VCC, how to create the most effective features, as well as the best ways to reach our target communities. In addition, we’ve been seeking out partnerships which are crucial for the growth of the organization. Our month on the west coast has been extremely valuable in terms of visualizing the next steps for our organization as well as our programming.