“Haiti: A Unique Voice from the Frontline”

author: Liz Hodes
date: 2010-09-13 23:42:47+00:00
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title: "Haiti: A Unique Voice from the Frontline"
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This week we welcome to New York one of our key Haitian partners, Eramithe Delva, a courageous advocate and founder of Kofaviv, one of the leading Haitian grassroots women’s networks. Eramithe traveled from Haiti yesterday for the first time to speak at a full day program today on Haitian Women and Girls co-sponsored by the Women Donors Network and the United Nations Foundation. During the next two weeks Eramithe is schedule to speak to a number of groups and organizations, offering her unique perspective on the plight of women in post-disaster Haiti . For more information and her full schedule please view the full press release below.

Haiti: Unique Voice from the Frontline