Extraordinary work for Haiti and Digital Democracy iPhone app

author: Emily Jacobi
date: 2010-01-20 22:56:32+00:00
slug: extraordinary-work-for-haiti-and-digital-democracy-iphone-app
title: Extraordinary work for Haiti and Digital Democracy iPhone app
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iphone app screenshotOne of the things that drives us is being able to highlight exciting ways people are using technology to make the world a better place. Today, we’re excited to highlight the Extraordinairies – a social enterprise using technology to help people micro-volunteer their time. Through their iPhone app or website, people can volunteer just minutes of their time to helping non-profits and community organizations with tasks.

Two weeks ago, we signed up with the Extraordinaries with the thought that people might help tag the photos taken by Project Einstein: Haiti. Then, the earthquake hit. Although our Haiti photos have been lost, the Extraordinaries have done an amazing job applying their platform to the Haiti crisis. Go to http://beextra.org/haiti to micro-volunteer your time for the cause.

On that note, we’re pleased to announce that our own iPhone/iPod Touch application is available! Click here to go to the iTunes store and download the Digidem application, which contains an RSS of our news feed, photos, videos and Twitter stream. We’re excited to get our work more easily into the hands of people on the go.

Up next? Stay tuned for our website redesign thanks to fabulous volunteer help from grassroots.org.