“DdTv Episode 9: Handheld Human Rights”

author: Liz Hodes
date: 2010-02-01 22:30:41+00:00
slug: ddtv-episode-9-handheld-human-rights
title: "DdTv Episode 9: Handheld Human Rights"
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While in Northern Thailand, Mark and Emily meet with Digital Democracy’s partner The All Burma IT Students’ Union (ABITSU) to set up equipment and train ABITSU’s core staff, as well as members of other human rights groups working along the border, in the uses and features of Handheld Human Rights (HHR) for its initial launch. HHR enables organizations to communicate securely through the use of mobile phones, and to make human rights data accessible and actionable. ABITSU, an organization that teaches the next generation of young leaders critical IT skills to be effective leaders in the 21st Century, also runs a school and technical support for human rights organizations working along the border. While working with ABITSU, Mark and Emily hear a powerful personal story from one of the organization’s head trainers – his determination at any cost, to do this important and necessary work.