“DdTv Episode 7: Prachatai”

author: Liz Hodes
date: 2009-11-09 19:17:26+00:00
slug: ddtv-episode-7-prachatai
title: "DdTv Episode 7: Prachatai"
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While continuing to explore the technology community in Bangkok, Mark and Emily meet some of the courageous people working in online Journalism today. Among them is Jiew, the Executive Director of Prachatai, an online alternative news source for Thailand. Prachatai hosts an online forum, allowing readers to respond to news and issues that are posted. Recently, Jiew was arrested due to several comments posted on the forum by one of its users. In this episode, Mark and Emily take a tour of the Prachatai office, and interview Jiew about her experiences from the past year – discussing the details of her arrest, why she continues to do what she does, and why Prachatai continues to be an important news source for Thailand.