“DdTv Episode 11: Stories from a Thai Refugee Camp”

author: Liz Hodes
date: 2010-04-13 13:25:16+00:00
slug: ddtv-episode-11-stories-from-a-thai-refugee-camp
title: "DdTv Episode 11: Stories from a Thai Refugee Camp"
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Mark and Emily travel to Mae La refugee camp in Northern Thailand to launch our digital penpal program Project Einstein with Burmese youth. Students from the Leadership Management Training College, never having held a camera before, are taught the fundamentals of digital photography, including composition and editing, and choose themes from their lives to document with the cameras: Internally Displaced People, A day in the life in the camp, youth life and School life.

While giving the training, Mark and Emily stream live for the DdTv audience: a tour of the camp’s facilities, and conversations with the students on topics of technology access in the camp, and how digital photography has the potential to change their lives. Watch this episode of DdTv and see what this refugee camp looks like through the eyes of the youth living there.