“DdTv Ep 13 – Life After the Earthquake: The Situation for Haitian Women”

author: Liz Hodes
date: 2010-08-03 13:57:18+00:00
slug: ddtv-ep-13-life-after-the-earthquake-the-situation-for-haitian-women
title: "DdTv Ep 13 – Life After the Earthquake: The Situation for Haitian Women"
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On this episode of DdTv Emily Jacobi and Abby Goldberg travel to Port-Au-Prince, where they are invited to meet with organizations working on creating a mechanism to streamline methods of protection, documentation and service provisions for women around gender-based violence. While there, Emily and Abby meet with local women leaders and conduct a photography training to help empower women to raise awareness of this violence by documenting their lives and struggle. This episode gives an inside look at this photography-training with these amazing women.

How do these women describe themselves and other Haitian women? How do they photograph their communities and the people in them? This episode premiered at our event honoring Haitian women last week, on the six-month anniversary of the earthquake. We gave 75 people at the event the opportunity to chat live with three inspiring women in Haiti (and participants of the first photography training this spring) representing two grassroots organizations – FAVILEK and KOFAVIV – both organizations working locally in Port-Au-Prince to combat violence against women.