Come Say Hello to the D2 Team at NetSquared!

author: morgan
date: 2009-05-27 00:21:15+00:00
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title: Come Say Hello to the D2 Team at NetSquared!
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Come Say Hello!

Howdy dear readers andmobile advocacy for human rightsfans. The D2 Team is currently at the NetSquared conference working, jamming and spreading the word about our cool project, Handheld Human Rights.

We’re of course having a lot of fun, meeting cool people, tweeting about what we do and would love to meet you.  So…come on by and say hi to us!  Here’s a pic so you know the friendly bunch to say hi to!

I’m serving as D2’s Project Champion to help get the word out about the project and brainstorm and excute ideas to promote our project.

Twitter user?

You can follow Digital Democracy here: @digidem

The rest of the awesome team is here:

Come say hi!  Now off to the receptionz….:)